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It seems like it only needs to be +12 and sunny outside to make my room boiling. Yes, the heating is on but only on like 13 degrees. Yesterday I made the mistake of putting the heating on +25 when I came in cause I thought, like usually, the house will be freezing. Well, it didn't take long when I couldn't breathe anymore cause it was so hot. But it isn't even that high on now! And I've woken up at 10 am cause it was too bloody hot to sleep. I'm really looking forward to when the temperatures actually are high, like last May they were about +21 at some point. It doesn't make it any better that since the house is ancient, all the windows are ancient too and have to be opened from the bottom and from the sides to get open. Whose clever idea has that been??!

Restless dreams about ghosts that were first mean but then nicer, facebook and revision and my friend's Rrymy-parties.

Now, I could actually try to make a revision plan for myself though they never work and I haven't got time to start revising now (got two essays to write and Russian oral to practice for next Tuesday's exam).
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