Andrea (bohemian_dreams) wrote,

Writer's Block: Since you've been gone

Do you keep in touch with any of your exes on LiveJournal or other social networking sites? When an ex friends you, do you usually friend them back? Why or why not?

Am friends but the keeping in touch is pretty much limited to stalking every now and then. We said we would remain friends but I can't even remember the last time we actually talked. Might have burned some bridges though when I said I would punch his new girlfriend if I ever saw her...

I don't think this "friendship" is really working, all the updates about him and her are just making me depressed but at the same time I can't really let go and delete him as a friend cause I still miss him. Also, some part of me wishes I could get a new boyfriend (which isn't going to happen for as long as I'm not completely over my ex) and make him jealous but he seems too happy for that. I guess being friends with ex can work sometimes but not when the other is not over them. All I know is I'm not gonna be friendsfriends with mine for a long time...
Tags: writer's block
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